《澳门永利贵宾会先驱:改变教育的女性》(Kent Pioneers: Women Transforming Education)



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Since the opening of the Hill campus in 1960, Kent women have left an undeniable mark on the world. 为了庆祝这份遗产, 澳门永利贵宾会 is holding a series of virtual events to celebrate 60 Years of Women at Kent. 
澳门永利最新备用网址的下一个事件, “澳门永利贵宾会先锋:改变教育的女性”,” features a panel of three women who have had a profound impact on primary and secondary education: 劳拉达·比切姆·拜尔斯66年的作品, 玛格丽特·艾尔斯·史密斯65岁, 以及前教员格温妮丝·赫斯-塞弗伦斯. They will share their experiences as pioneers at Kent and beyond. The panel discussion will be moderated by educator and newly elected 校友 Council member, Kristine Palmero Sydney, 97年.



Kristine Palmero Sydney, 97年 

Kristine Palmero Sydney, 97年 (she/her) has been an upper school English teacher for twenty years. 米尔顿学院英语老师兼宿舍主管(硕士), though she received the yearbook superlative “Most Likely to Return to Kent as a Teacher,” Kristine said she initially went into teaching for the vacations, 让她有时间和父母姐妹在一起, 谁住在沙特阿拉伯. 

She started her career at Cushing Academy (MA) where she was short-listed for the Reitman Teacher of the Year award. 后, 她在惠勒学校(RI)工作, 参与多元化和包容性的工作, 她建议了第一个基于种族的亲和团体, 为他们的亚裔和亚裔美国学生提供空间. 在布朗大学的“E(赛跑)d但不被遗忘”会议上, she presented on the lingering effects of the US’s exclusionary immigration policies on online dating, 以及他们的“亚洲海外”联盟, she was a panelist who shared her own immigration experiences as a Filipino educator. A bone marrow donor, she tells all her students to join the registry when they turn eighteen.

Kristine获得了两个B.A. 在英语和电影和她的M.A. 用英语从明德学院毕业. A member of Kent’s 校友 Council and the 校友 of Color Committee, 克里斯汀和她的伴侣住在米尔顿, 雅各, 还有他们的两个女儿.




Laurada beachman


Laurada Byers is the founder and former Chair of the Russell Byers Charter School (RBCS) Board of Trustees. 她是拜尔学校基金会董事会的现任主席. Laurada is also a Founder of Philadelphia Charters for Excellence, 市里的公立特许学校联盟.

Laurada opened RBCS in 2001 as a tribute to her late husband, a well-known 费城每日新闻》 专栏作家, who was a persuasive advocate for improving the quality of public education in Philadelphia. Today RBCS is a high-performing school serving 725 pre K – 8th grade students who are chosen by lottery and represent 37 different neighborhoods.

Laurada’s involvement in the Philadelphia community has been both active and varied. 50年来, 她是费城国际学院的董事会成员, 一种文化, educational and social program center that encourages cross-cultural understanding while assisting nearly 500 students from over 65 countries in their adjustment to American society. 在20世纪90年代初, 作为国际学院的董事会主席, 劳拉达是一个关键的影响建立 世界电影节,后来成为 费城电影协会她现在是该公司的董事会成员.

In 1992, 劳拉达创立了疣猪制作公司, which creates products that use humor and compassion to educate and enrich people’s lives. 她的第一批产品是Repiglican和Demoquack, two stuffed animals for teaching children about government and politics. 她明年出版 书的祝福52来自世界各地的恩典该书已售出5.5万册. 2019年,劳拉达发表了自己的观点 野生智慧-疣猪的故事. 在这本生动的回忆录中, she explains how she has faced challenges with a focus on grief, 毅力, 和感激. 

Laurada has received numerous awards for community service, including 费城杂志的 澳门永利贵宾会的牧师弗雷德里克·H. 窗台上啊.H.C. 社会奖, the Woman One award from Drexel University College of Medicine’s Institute for Women’s Health and Leadership, and a Doctorate of Humane Letters from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. In 2017, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf named her a Distinguished Daughter of Pennsylvania.

Laurada lives in Center City, Philadelphia, and has two children and three 孙子.

Gwenith H

Gwenith Heuss-Severance(鸿. '65)

格温Heuss-Severance(鸿. '65) joined the 澳门永利贵宾会 Girls faculty to teach General Studies to Third Formers following her graduation from Northwestern University in 1960. Among the pioneers that first year were Assistant Headmaster and Principal of the Girls Division of 澳门永利贵宾会 Sid Towle '31, 牧师Fr. 牛顿, 以斯帖Gassett(数学), 林恩·奥姆斯特德(英语), 罗勒汉福德(拉丁), 玛格丽特Gauzarges(法国), 埃丽诺邓恩(phy. Ed.), 帕特莫斯(护士), and the wives of several Boys’ school administrators who did their husbands’ jobs for the Girls: Sarah Uhle (招生) and Jean Howard (Director of Studies).

格温对头三年的记忆是生动而快乐的. She loved the work, the challenges, the friendships, the rhythms of keeping school. In 1963, about a week after the graduation of the first girls Sixth Form, 她嫁给了杰克·塞弗伦斯, 南澳门永利贵宾会教师. 在接下来的三年里, Gwen commuted from South Kent to teach both on the hill and at the Boys school. Their daughter Rebecca was born in 1968 and Abigail followed in 1969 shortly after they had moved to the Choate School. 那时她已经在卫斯理大学(Wesleyan)完成了硕士学位.

In 1971, when Rosemary Hall moved from Greenwich to Wallingford to join Choate in another iteration of coordinate/coeducation, Gwen joined the Choate-Rosemary Hall faculty and spent the next 36 years teaching and deaning, 作为历史系的系主任, 心理学, 哲学, 宗教及社会研究.

杰克·塞弗伦斯和格温于1984年离婚. In 1986, she settled off campus in Hamden, CT with her partner and spouse, Judy Lhamon. Both Gwen and Judy retired in 2007 and continue to live engaged and committed lives traveling and volunteering. 在过去的12年里, Gwen has been an active member of their local Unitarian Universalist congregation, 喜欢带着相机在户外, 读好书, 对社交媒体感到舒适.

Gwen is especially looking forward to the end of COVID quarantines, 能够和孩子们一起旅行, 孙子, and to welcome and hold her new great-grandson who was born on New Year’s Eve.



Margo Smith '65 retired from The Park School located in Brookline, 自1972年以来,他曾担任多种职务,2016年获得文学硕士学位, including Assistant Head and the Department Head for Growth Education. 在她任职期间, she developed a life skills course entitled “Growth Education” for grades six through nine, 关注诸如友谊之类的话题, 欺凌, 身份, 性, 健康, 数字公民, 同意, 和allyship. She also served as a SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) facilitator for two decades, 为全体教员主持每月研讨会. Margo致力于多样性, 股本, 包容, 和正义,并担任顾问, 开工作室探索白人特权, 偏见, 和种族主义. 

Margo received her BA in History and Education from Northwestern University in 1969 and her MAT in Education and Counseling from Boston University in 1972.