The Kent student body is a diverse, intelligent, motivated and talented group of young men and women. When prospective parents ask, “What’s a typical Kent student like?澳门永利最新备用网址常常难以回答. That’s because every student here crafts his or her own personal experience and becomes his or her own unique self. There is no “single Kent experience.” 

That’s because we provide multiple opportunities for students to pursue their own areas of interest. 然而,, we also encourage them to explore unfamiliar arenas and find new ways to participate in life here at school.  If you’re a star athlete, we might suggest trying out for the fall play. 如果你是一个有造诣的音乐家,澳门永利最新备用网址可能会鼓励你学习工程学课程.

The result is that students become engaged—academically, 运动, and artistically—in a more comprehensive, 全面的方式. 当你读到下面几个学生的故事时,你就可以开始理解澳门永利最新备用网址的意思了: 


迈尔斯是第六名大四学生,他是第四名来自纽约市的大四学生. 他是学校的导游, plays varsity baseball and lacrosse and also participates in the Diversity Club and the Film Club (澳门永利贵宾会电视). He’s excited to graduate and go to Bates College next year, but says he will miss the people at Kent the most when he leaves.

I had a strong sense of close-knit community right off the bat here. I saw smiles on everyone’s face and I just knew I wanted to be here. Everyone was welcoming and went out of their way to say “hi” – and that didn’t change when I came, 所以我知道这是正确的选择.


What did you feel was advantageous about that?
对我个人来说,长大一岁和多了解一点很重要. 再加上很多孩子都是在二年级的时候来的,所以这一点也不奇怪. Our class is also so close that even having been here for three years, I feel like I’ve been here for four.

你是怎么进入贝茨学院的? What was your college application process like?
I was looking for a good lacrosse program, and between the college counseling office and help from my coach, I had all the support I needed to find the right school. 我真的觉得我应该更有压力,但我准备得太充分了.

Tell me a bit about the people you’ll miss when you leave Kent.
三年来我的导师都是同一个人,我有任何事都可以去找他. 宿舍生活很好,我和朋友们住在一起,我尽量照顾年轻人. I think I’m going to know most of these kids for the rest of my life.

How do you look out for the younger guys?
My older friends and I try to keep an eye out for them – make sure they’re having a good time and doing their work. 有玩乐的时候,也有工作的时候,澳门永利贵宾会就是要找到这种平衡.

事实上,老师们每天都出来是因为他们真的很想来这里. That’s really apparent when you sit down in class. They try to not only teach you but inspire you, and that’s what I really love about going to classes.

Any advice that you would give your fourth form self?
I feel like I don’t have anything to regret – all of my decisions and experiences here have just made me better.


米凯拉是来自科罗拉多州的第六名前(大四)学生,她是第四名前学生来到澳门永利贵宾会郡的. 迈卡拉 is an accomplished artist who recently won a national prize for her sculpture entitled Cake Head Man. 米凯拉将会想念她在澳门永利贵宾会艺术工作室得到的所有支持, but is excited to continue her work at Bard College next year.

让澳门永利最新备用网址从头开始. 是什么让你选择澳门永利贵宾会?

I’m from a very small town outside of Aspen in Colorado – and I went to a small Waldorf school before and really loved being able to interact with all of my teachers. 从华尔道夫学校毕业后, 我在一所更大的公立高中待了一年,想念那个小社区. I started looking for other options and Kent was just a great fit. 我还遇到了. Lynch, the 艺术 Department Chair, on my first visit and we just clicked.

So you were always interested in art and the art program?

是的,我一直在做雕塑. 我也画一些身体和脸部的彩绘——所以我为戏剧画一些妆. 我也做书,就像装订一样,和雕塑有一些相似之处.

当我第一次来澳门永利贵宾会的时候, they had just built the new art studios and it seemed like a great place to continue my art studies.


我上了一些美术课,但我也继续进行大量的自学. It’s really amazing to have constant access to the art studios and Ms. 林奇一直很支持我. If I have a dream, she helps me find a way to make it happen.


I’ve always lived with really great girls, but it took me a little while to find the right fit for a roommate – but the school was really helpful and has allowed me to switch roommates when needed. This year I live with my best friend and we have a lot of fun together.

And being here all the time is great because of the access I mentioned – to the art rooms and to my teachers. I’ll always see my teachers outside of class and it gives me a chance to discuss anything that’s on my mind. 老师总是在这里,容易接近,他们真的关心澳门永利最新备用网址所有人.

威尔是来自纽约奥伊斯特湾的第六名前校友,也是高级委员会的成员. He chose Kent because of its strong music program. 他在澳门永利贵宾会郡踢足球、打冰球和打高尔夫球,但他真正的激情是写歌和音乐. After graduation, he wants to study music production at college.

我不知道——我只是一个真正的吉他手,我成长为这个目标. I started in Jazz Band, which was new for me. 老师们都很棒. There are also musical technology classes, so I took those. Right now I’m also taking a music theory class. The new building has also given more access to people for practicing and there’s a recording studio too.

Yes, I’m a songwriter and I’ve been able to produce my own stuff. I have an album on iTunes and music on Spotify too. The classes here helped me with that and I was also able to participate in a program at NYU over the summer.

Definitely, I think it’s nice to have student leadership provide an example to the other students.

Tell me a bit about your friends and your experience of dorm life.
My friends here are definitely the closest friends I’ve ever made, and I’m sure we’ll continue to be friends for the rest of our lives. My roommates, in particular, are like my second family. The dorm parents are really great too – they invite us to their apartments sometimes to watch movies and eat food. You never feel alone here, which is good.

How do you think your class feels about graduating?
I think my entire grade is so excited to go to college, but we’re also all going to miss it here. 所以这是苦乐参半的.

What are you going to miss most when you leave?
肯定的人. I’ll remember the little moments most and the sense of community here.


Gabriella (笨人) is a fifth former from San Francisco, CA. 她是JV篮球队的队长,也是crew队的划船队员. 她的激情, 然而, is film and videography and she’s founded a new student club, 澳门永利贵宾会电视, 为了追求这种兴趣,并帮助其他学生学习更多澳门永利贵宾会视频制作的知识.

让澳门永利最新备用网址从头开始. 是什么让你选择澳门永利贵宾会?
I came from California and I really wanted to be on the East Coast. 我喜欢澳门永利贵宾会的校园和设施,这里的社区感真的让我印象深刻. 这是一个伟大的配合.

I see that you’re a student tech – is that your school job?
是的,所有的学生在校园里都有工作,这是他们在学校职责的一部分. I didn’t know much about computers before I started as a student tech, but now I can troubleshoot a lot of issues. It’s actually helped me with my videography and film-making too.

Can you tell me more about 澳门永利贵宾会电视?
是的,我一直对摄像很感兴趣,所以我在这里开了一个电影俱乐部. 澳门永利贵宾会电视 makes films “of students, for students, by students”. 今年澳门永利最新备用网址拍了大约4部电影——它们不是很长,但是很有趣. 澳门永利最新备用网址做叙事和采访.


Tell me what that process was like.
好吧, I have a partner in crime, so he’s been helping me. First we found a teacher to sign on as our faculty advisor and then we recruited interested students, 是的, 现在澳门永利最新备用网址有了一个俱乐部. 这其实很简单. 澳门永利最新备用网址甚至开始计划去不同的电影制作公司参观.

In terms of the film production equipment, does the school provide access to what you need or did you have to find those resources on your own?
The school does have a lot of the equipment, 艺术系在教澳门永利最新备用网址如何使用它方面真的很有帮助.

So are a lot of your friends a part of 澳门永利贵宾会电视? 你最亲密的朋友是谁?
I am good friends with a lot of the students in the Club. But I love Case [Dormitory] – I have a lot of good friends there and they’re really supportive. That’s important because when you’re living away from home, your friends really become your family. 当你有一个糟糕的一天, they’re the ones who comfort you; when something great happens, they’re the ones who celebrate your accomplishments with you. 每个人都在支持你.

一个教训? 好吧, I learned a lot about myself during my first year here: how I personally deal with a lot of things, 我的优点, 我的缺点, 我的宠物气恼, 我真正喜欢的. 这让我有机会去测试自己,去适应,去成长.

爱丽儿 & 基努

A里尔和基努都是来自美国以外的高级理事会成员, from Japan and Canada respectively, 参加澳门永利贵宾会. 他们都忙于许多活动:阿里尔是船员队的舵手, 舞蹈, 为在线杂志撰稿, 和做摄影. 基努 plays varsity ice hockey and football, 合资棒球, 是象棋社的一员,参加过创业大赛吗. 两人都对澳门永利贵宾会提供给他们的所有机会充满热情.

When you first got to Kent, was it what you thought it would be like?

爱丽儿: I came from a Japanese school so I couldn’t even imagine what an American prep school would be like. 我来自一个完全不同的世界,但我在这里的过渡真的很舒服.

基努: I went to public French school in Montréal and coming here [as a Fourth Former] the work was kind of the same – I was used to having a lot of work to do – but when it came to activities and other stuff you want to do, there are the resources and support to do whatever you want. 这就是区别所在.

爱丽儿:是的,我确实认为对一些人来说,工作量是一个巨大的飞跃. 但就平衡一切而言,澳门永利贵宾会会教你需要知道的一切.

基努:和大多数学生一样, I play three sports and I’ve participated in other activities like the entrepreneurship contest – so between classes and everything else, 你忙. 但你也得到了成功所需的结构和所有工具.

Can you tell me more about the entrepreneurship contest?

基努:当然, it was actually part of a semester-long activity – students can participate in the place of a sport. I was able to do it because I fractured my wrist during football season, 这是一个很好的机会.

Students are free to pick any product or service idea they want and basically they build a model or prototype with a business plan. 根据商业计划,学校提供小额贷款作为启动资金. 节目的最后, there’s a presentation in the style of Shark Tank – it’s judged by business owners and the top project receives a cash prize. 我实际上做了一个手机充电器的原型,并最终赢得了比赛. I even kept working on it over the summer.

爱丽儿: I know a lot of students really got into the contest.

基努:是的, and now there’s also a stock market competition run by colleges and business schools like Wharton. 澳门永利贵宾会刚刚开始参与,这真的很酷,因为它与真正的市场合作.

Do you find you’re pretty close with the teachers and faculty?

爱丽儿: You can always go talk to teachers if you’re having any issues. Teachers will meet you to help you on your project or work through a problem during study hall. 学者-wise that’s really important for me. Also a lot of the teachers wear different hats for the students: they’re teachers, mentors, coaches.

基努:对,当然,他们总是在你身边,无论上课还是课外. 就像去年我选了Theo II,真的很喜欢这门课,所以在学期末,Mr. Weber gave me a book – it was on one of the subjects from the class – and told me that I should read it if I really liked what he taught us. I still meet him on the weekends – I’m not even taking his class – but we meet up and talk about the book.


艾丽尔:大学咨询实际上给了你他们可能提供的所有资源. And they check in with you through the entire process. 他们会在截止日期前给你发邮件,并定期与你会面. I also need to say that the English teachers went above and beyond to help all of us with our college essays.

基努: The entire school really gives you the tools to tackle the application process – to take on the responsibility and feel confident doing it.

当你期待毕业的时候, 你对第三或第四年级学生有什么建议吗?

艾丽尔:我基本上抓住了每一个我拥有的机会,所以我会说,抓住它. Take all the opportunities you can. That positive attitude will take you anywhere.

基努:继续同一个话题, you have a lot of resources here to do whatever you want, and you might not have the chance to do those same things once you leave here – at least not with the same support. So take advantage of everything you can. Try a different art class, a music class, a sport – go for it.